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ARY Laguna is the joint venture of ARY Group of Companies and DHA City. It is located at Sector 1 of DHA City on M9 Motorway, at a distance of approximately 35km from Jinnah International Airport. For the very first time in Pakistan, ARY Laguna is offering state-of-the-art man-made crystal-clear artificial lagoon beaches with a resort-style housing community. ARY Laguna is equipped with all the amenities and highly focused business opportunities. Its architecture enables most apartments to have a lagoon view.

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    With turquoise water and white sands, ARY Laguna is the first project of its kind in the subcontinent. The high-end towers and sight-capturing views of the waterside community straight out of your window! Doesn’t that sound interesting? Well ARY Laguna is changing the definition of luxury lifestyle by making your everyday window view feel like vacations.

    Besides the Artificial beach and resort-style housing project, the options in ARY Laguna range from 1 Bed, 2 Bed, and 3 Bed Apartments, 4 Bedroom Penthouses, 4 Bedroom Duplexes, and the exclusive Sky Villas.  It has Separate pools for every 4 Bed Penthouse and a combined pool dedicated for the whole building residents.

    “Out of your house, into the water”

    It will host public beaches, water sports, and exciting activities in and around the crystal clear lagoon. Sophisticated and stylish 5-star hotels with a cutting-edge and ultra-advanced beach club having a private beach and smart facilities are one of their main focus on the plan.

    Pakistan’s Largest Shopping Mall; ARY Laguna will host the Biggest Shopping Mall in Pakistan with uniquely designed outlets for accommodating the needs of every retailer. Keeping the ecosystem friendly, it has planned elegant parks and recreational activities.

    Raising the Living Standards

    ARY Laguna understands the importance of sports and outdoor activities for kids. Therefore, it has planned a kids water theme park and multiple playgrounds, so your children can enjoy every moment of their life. Its aim is to create a single resort-style housing community with healthy and safe living standards. It will host 2 grand mosques to cater to the entire community, besides these, there are separate mosques in every building for the residents.

    Safe, Clean & Green Community

    ‘Crystal Lagoon’ with its patent technology which creates ultrasonic waves ensuring small insects cannot land on the water and lay eggs or contaminate the lagoon. To keep the ecosystem friendly, they have planned appealing parks and recreational activities. The community is secured with hi-tech and advanced double-tier security.

    ARY Laguna Development

    It is quite an enormous task to develop such a huge community in a single shot. The CEO of ARY Digital announced on 1st March 2021 during the 3D model unveiling of the project that, the construction will take place in several phases. He acknowledged that the 1st phase will start soon.

    ary laguna phase 1
    What will be developed in the 1st phase of ARY Laguna DHA City?

    In the meeting with all the stakeholders and platinum agents during the unveiling of the ARY Laguna miniature model, the CEO Mr. Salman Iqbal described that the first phase will include 6 clusters of buildings i.e. 13 buildings and 24 Townhouses (4 Bed). The cluster of buildings consists of 1 Bed, 2 Bed type A/B, and 3 Bed type A/B apartments along with beautiful duplex apartments and lavish penthouses with dedicated pools. The main focus is the townhouses that have their separate parking areas and appealing full lagoon views.

    ARY Laguna Apartment Prices, Installment Plans, & Payment Methods

    ARY Laguna has made the payment method easy and secure, they have introduced an escrow account for the very first time in Pakistan, in which all the payments are transparent and stable.

    What is an Escrow Account?

    An escrow account is used for the transaction between two parties, where the amount is held safely by a third party i.e. bank. This means if the builder fails to deliver the said property, the funds are returned safely to the buyer.

    ARY Laguna Price 

    The Price of ARY Laguna Apartments are as follows:


    Size (SqFt)

    Starting Price in PKR

    Application Forms Adjustments

    One Bedroom

    570 Sq.ft – 590 Sq.ft


    10 forms

    Two Bedroom

     900 Sq.ft  – 1150 Sq.ft


    Type A – 10 Forms

    Type B – 12 Forms

    Three Bedroom

    1500 Sq.ft – 1900 Sq.ft


    Type A – 15 Forms

    Type B – 20 Forms

    Four Bedroom

    2200 Sq.ft – 2500 Sq.ft


    30 Forms

    Duplex & Penthouses

    2800 Sq.ft – 4200 Sq.ft


    Duplex 40 Forms

    Penthouse 50 Forms

    ARY Laguna Installment Plan

    ARY Laguna has the easiest payment plan that is affordable with monthly installments as low as 1%.

    Following are the details of the ARY Laguna payment plan:

    • 10% Down payment (After successful balloting) (50% forms adjustable)
    • 5% 2 months from booking
    • 6% 5 months from booking
    • 6% 8 months from booking (50% forms adjustable)
    • 6% 11 months from booking
    • 1% 13th to 59th month in a total of 47 Installments of 1% per month
    • 20% on completion


    Time Span

             Forms Adjustable

      10% Down payment

    After Successful Balloting



    2 Months from Booking



    5 Months from Booking



    8 Months from Booking



    11 Months from Booking



    13th to 59th Month (Total 47 Installments of 1% per month)



    On Completion


    ARY Laguna Apartment Down Payments After Balloting

    The Management has decided that the down payment will be taken after unit confirmations. The down payment is 10% of the actual amount of the apartment at ARY Laguna.

    ARY Laguna Forms Adjustment Policy

    The buyers usually have a question that “How our forms will be adjusted in our property at ARY Laguna?” Below is the detailed chart, illustrating the number of forms and the maximum amount of discount achievable through it.


    Maximum Verified
    Application Forms

    Maximum Discount
    Achievable Through
    Verified Application Forms

    No. of Application
    Forms Adjustable in
    Down Payment

    No. of Application
    Forms Adjustable in Installment

    One Bedroom


    PKR 500,000

    Up to 5 Forms

    Up to 5 Forms

    Two-Bedroom Type A


    PKR 500,000

    Up to 5 Forms

    Up to 5 Forms

    Two-Bedroom Type B


    PKR 600,000

    Up to 6 Forms

    Up to 6 Forms

    Three Bedroom Type A


    PKR 750,000

    Up to 8 Forms

     Up to 8 Forms

    Three Bedroom Type B


    PKR 1,000,000

    Up to 10 Forms

    Up to 10 Forms

    4 Bedroom


    PKR 1,500,000

    Up to 15 Forms

    Up to 15 Forms



    PKR 2,000,000

    Up to 20 Forms

     Up to 20 Forms



    PKR 2,500,000

    Up to 25 Forms

     Up to 25 Forms

    Terms and Conditions for Verified Forms

    • The value of every verified Membership/Application Form originally purchased for PKR 16,500/- will be PKR 50,000/- when adjusted towards an apartment in ARY Laguna.
    • Only those forms that are completed and signed verified from ARY Laguna are worth PKR 50,000/- for adjustment purposes.
    • Every form worth PKR 50,000/- shall be adjusted in the installment payment plan.
    • The highest number of verified forms that can be adjusted in the installment plans of a unit are available in Forms Adjustment Policy above.
    • After the closing of the verification date, all verified forms are transferable.
    • An applicant shall be required to comply with all the terms and conditions hereof as well as other terms and conditions as may be notified by the developer from time to time on

    Last Date for Form Submission (ARY Laguna)

    The last date for form submission and verification has already passed but Realty Solutions has some forms available from their investors. So it’s still not late, grab your forms from Realty Solutions Real Estate Office.

      ARY Laguna Location

      ARY Laguna is located at the prime location of DHA City, Sector 1 at M9 Motorway, Karachi, Pakistan.

      About ARY Laguna Developers

      After successful completion of ARY Residencia Karachi with collaboration with Bahria town, ARY Group of companies has now joined hands with DHA City. The two most trusted groups in terms of success and luxury lifestyle are working together in this exclusive project.

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