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Do You Have High Blood Pressure? What The New Guidelines Say

Excitement, being active, sleeping and waking up are all situations where blood pressure changes naturally. When your activity ends, your BP reading should return to a normal range.

Exercise is the most effective way to lower your blood pressure. Being physically active at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week goes hair regrowth a long way toward keeping or getting your blood pressure under control. Sometimes receptionists and fellow patients in the waiting room can add to your anxiety. Finding a quiet space where you can wait to be called back and focus on taking deep breaths can help prepare you for your blood pressure reading. High blood pressure cannot be diagnosed from a single reading because it can vary – a series of readings is required.

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High blood pressure is sometimes called ‘the silent killer’ because it often has no symptoms. Even though this condition is asymptomatic, it is still important for you to get checked regularly, as HBP can lead to a number of other potentially serious health problems.

If you have high blood pressure, it means your heart is having to work harder to pump the blood. This can weaken the heart or damage the artery walls, resulting in a blockage or a rupture of the walls . High blood pressure is defined as a sustained pressure of 140/90mm Hg or over. Interestingly, diastolic readings below 60 mmHg were associated with poor cardiovascular outcomes.

  • It is important that you are feeling rested and not rushed or stressed when having your blood pressure recorded.
  • A cuff is worn for 24 hours and a series of recordings is made, including during sleep.
  • Increasingly, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring may be used to gain a better picture of what a blood pressure is actually doing.
  • For example a pressure of 120/80 means the systolic pressure is 120 and the diastolic is 80.
  • This is probably one of the main areas where lifestyle changes can be most effective and lead to substantial improvements in blood pressure levels.

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Many people find their blood pressure rises when it is being measured in the presence of a doctor and this has cast doubt on the accuracy of these readings. The best measure is a 24-hour reading, which can be obtained by wearing a monitor that automatically records blood pressure every half hour throughout the day. As the heart pumps the blood around the body it exerts pressure on the artery walls.

The risk wasn’t as prominent, though, when the researchers took into account age and other risk factors. The medicine recommended for you will depend on things like how high your blood pressure is, your age and your ethnicity. If you have high blood pressure, reducing it even a small amount can help lower your risk of these health conditions. Informs you about healthy ways to lose weight and incorporate healthy behaviors into your lifestyle. Help connecting with a healthcare professional if your blood pressure is out of range.


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