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Almost 50% discount offer for cash buyers 


 I have recently worked hard in understanding & making sense of these ready projects offering 7 to 10 years payment plan offered by Developers such as Azure Residences – Palm Jumeirah.

Azure is offering a 7 year Payment Plan with only 5% down payment on Possession without pre-approvals/ valuation/ approvals/ interest/ credit checks etc. All one needs to do is issue post-dated cheques for the 7years & have enough 5% down payment on the property, which amounts to AED 130,000/- only to start owning & reaping benefits of a 1BR apartment in Palm Jumeirah with full sea view/gym/ private beach & one of the biggest swimming pools in UAE – all excellent qualities for a short let business such as Airbnb.

For the first 5 years, all one needs to pay is AED 130,000/- every 6 months against a possible revenue generation of AED 229,000/- from or as holiday home, estimates shown below, no service charges, no transfer fees, even the beach access is free for the first 2 years (cost of beach access is AED 5,500/year).


As long as you can manage this business on your own, you are literally out of your pocket AED 31,000/- per year for the first 5 years of the payment schedule. Which in turns means that you are suppose to pay 50% of the Purchase Price in first 5 years amounting to AED 1.3MN instead you will only pay AED 155,000/- and for the remaining 2 years after deducting Airbnb revenues you will end up paying another AED 842,000/- Total costing you a 1 bedroom apartment on Palm Jumeirah – full sea facing with private beach and all AED 997,000/- (if you run it yourself – if you hire us or any other company to manage, you will end up paying 25% of the total revenue to the agency to run the show for you)

The Dilemma!

Nakheel just recently announced a mega discount for cash buyers

1 BR Apartment from AED 1.404MN which is for AED 2.553MN on a 7 year Payment Plan
Saving of over a whopping AED 1.1MN

2 BR Apartments from AED 2.431MN which is for AED 4.42MN on a 7 year Payment Plan
Saving of a whopping almost AED 2MN

For someone like me, the decision is pretty simple, a 7-year payment plan, as I do not have the cash to buy outright.

The question is if you have the cash will you buy multiple units on a 7year payment plan instead of buying one unit in CASH.

Will appreciate your comments on the above.

Azure Residences



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